Monday, February 11, 2013

Moms-Let's Make Some Money Online Part 2

So, I hope you had a chance to check out some of my tips from Part 1 and are making a few dollars here and there. You have to remember to be patient; you won't make enough to pay your mortgage in 5 minutes. You have to find what works for you and your schedule and go with that.

I will give you a few more tips on making money in Part 2. Remember, all my tips may not pertain to you or your lifestyle. If that's the case, it's okay. Not everything works for everyone. Use what works and pass on the other info to your friends.

Let's start with Amazon. Oh yeah, Amazon will pay you and pay you pretty well. There are 3 great avenues to explore with

Amazon Mechanical Turk- this is a worker's marketplace for human minds. Meaning, there are several jobs listed paying anywhere from .01 to 75.00 each. The jobs range from taking an opinion survey to performing a task. Once you sign up as a worker, you can start applying to these HIT's and start making some cash. Will it be overwhelming quick cash? Nope. But it will get a few bucks in your account and once you start to know your way around the site, you can make more by taking the best jobs to make the most profit.

Amazon Associates- This is part of the selling world, but instead of selling your own stuff, you sell theirs. Meaning, if you have a blog, website or any other type of media spot, you can list their ads/products and get paid if people buy them from your site. You are an affiliate (I will talk more about affiliate programs later in the post). You get credit for helping them sell their products. If you know a friend or anyone who buys from regularly, they can click on the link on your site and buy through you. Same price they'd pay on the site, but you get the credit. Everyone wins.

Amazon Seller Account- Do you have DVD's, books, video games and other items lying around in your garage taking up space? All you have to do is apply for a Seller account on and start selling. Amazon, like eBay takes a profit of course, but it's not much and you can make a decent profit of your own if you price it right. Do your research first. That's key with any selling engine.

Next, we will discuss Affiliate programs. You can link up with several, and I mean several, different Affiliate programs to boost their ads and make some cash. Have you heard of the Pay Per Click deal? It's pretty much the same. Mostly, the difference is that many of the affiliate programs pay based on sales, not clicks. If a person clicks on your link and buys their product, you make a profit. Search Google for good affiliate programs like Bidvertise and Vigilinks and you are in business!

I will post more about Pay Per Leads and more resources about affiliate programs on my next blog!

I hope this helps!!!

Make some money out there!!

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