Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moms- Let's Make Some Money Online Part 1

I thought about some ways I could make money online as a stay at home mom. Here are some surefire ways I have found that makes me money staying at home:

- eBay: I know that you've heard it over and over. But it's true. There is money in eBay. You have to find your niche. Meaning, what works best for you. What I have found works best for me is designer jeans. Oh yeah, 7FAMK, Miss Me, Rock and Republic, etc. Those sell like serious hotcakes. How do I find them, you ask? Thrift stores, yard sales, etc. In most cities, thrift stores have a 50% off day of the week. Go to the stores, hit them first thing in the morning to avoid other eBayers. Check out the jeans. Make sure they are free of rips, tears and stains. Check the authenticity of the labels and seams. If they look legit, buy them. The rule of thumb is don't spend more than you are SURE you can earn. So do your eBay research first and see what they are selling for. eBay has a great app that you can use right there in the store. Remember: make sure you check the sold items versus what's selling. It can be deceiving.

- ChaCha: Okay, you won't get rich, but it's something extra for your pocket. Become a ChaCha associate and answer quick questions and texts for a few pennies an answer. Smart workers can make plenty each day and get answers super quick. Get to ChaCha-ing!

-Key for Cash- Oh yeah, you sure can. If you got some mad typing skills, you can key for CASH. Go to and sign up. It's a simple form and once approved, you can spend all day keying as long as there is a need for work. As long as you can handle the tedious nature of the job, you can cash in!

- Affiliate Programs- I will go into more detail on my next post about PPL and Affiliate Programs. But if you have a website you can use for advertising, it may be worth it to check out my next post....coming soon.
This will work when you partner with Amazon, eBay, Apple, iTunes, Audible, AbeBooks, Samsung, etc.

Here are a few tips, more to come. Check out my next post!!!

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